MTF confirms ABC as strategic direction for 21-22

Mar 3, 2021 | Uncategorised

People riding bikes through city

The March MTF meeting voted to adopt advocacy of Active transport, Buses and Choices as their key strategic directions for 21-22 including the next State election.

On Active Transport, the top priority is securing State government funding to implement the Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28.

For Buses, the focus is on lifting bus patronage through better services, and additional state funding of buses to support their own ambitious patronage goals.

And on Choices, the MTF remains committed to giving all Melbournians competitive alternatives to private cars as the transport mode of choice [for commuting, leisure and education].

The strategy also identifies the benefits of working closely with other like-minded advocates like MAV, Victoria Walks and riding groups.

Advocacy about Active transport, Buses and Choices are the key strategic directions for 21-22 including the next State election.


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