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People riding bikes through city

Videos of the eight MTF Transport Forum across Melbourne are now available on our YouTube channel

Starting in July at the Melbourne Town Hall with Minister for Transport Infra Structure and Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan, Opposition spokesperson Dr Matthew Bach MLC and Greens Sam Hibbins MLA, a further seven local forums were held during September and October.

Port Phillip: Nina Taylor MLC, Sam Hibbins MLA and David Davis MLC

Merri-bek: Tim Read MLA; Shea Evans, Reason Candidate for Brunswick; Evan Mulholland, Liberal candidate for Northern Metro Region; and Mike Williams, Labor candidate for Brunswick.

Luba Grigorovitch, ALP Candidate for Kororoit; Bernadette Thomas, Greens candidates for Western Metro; Catherine Cumming, Independent MLC Western Metro Region; and John Fletcher, Liberal candidate for Kororoit.

Mornington Peninsula:
Briony Hutton, Liberal candidate for Hastings; Paul Mercurio, Labor candidate for Hastings; and  Paul Saunders, Greens candidates for Hastings.

Banyule: Aiv Puglielli, Greens candidate for North-Eastern Metropolitan; Matthew Bach MLC, Liberal spokesperson for Transport Infrastructure. (Note that ALP MLC withdrew, and no Labor alternative was available)

Aiv Puglielli, Greens candidate for North-Eastern Metropolitan; Paul Hamer, MLA Box Hill; and Nicole Ta-Ei Werner, Liberal candidate for Box Hill.

Casey: Brad Battin, MLA Gembrook; Michael Galea, Labor for South-Eastern Metro; and Alex Breskin, Greens candidate South Eastern Metro Region.

Candidates and MPs from all major parties presented their transport policies to local communities and responded to questions.



State budget review

The State and Federal budgets were the topic of a panel discussion involving council transport analysists, rail experts and a transport reporter from a major news outlet.



MTF's February meeting heard two presentations from local planners who have looked at overseas examples of urban transport planning.


Better Buses in the West

Dr John Stone, Senior lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne spoke on Better Buses for Melbourne’s West at the MTF July meeting.