New Executive and Towards Zero Emission Buses

Feb 3, 2021 | Buses, Highlights, LinkedIn

People riding bikes through city

The MTF Executive was elected at the February meeting with Cr Jonathon Marsden continuing as Chair.

The office holders for 2021 are:
Chair: Jonathon Marsden
Deputy: Tom Melican
Secretary: Melissa Falkenberg
Treasurer: Ross Evans
General: Anna Chen, Stuart James, Lina Messina and James Conlan.

Congratulations to the new executive team.

Towards ZEBs

February’s presentation was “Transitioning towards zero emission buses: A perspective from around Australia and New Zealand,” by Mark Rowland, ARUP’s Transport & Highways Advisory Leader
Mark has been involved in many bus projects and provides a detailed look at the challenges and opportunities offered by ZEBs (Zero Emission Buses).
He looks at projects across Australia and New Zealand as well as overseas, especially China.
Click below to see a short (19 min) video of the presentation.

Apologies in advance, unfortunately the zoom recording omitted the first minute or so. It starts directly with the range of bus projects on the go and Mark’s reference to the phrase ‘Like Rail’.
Presentation slides PDF
Presentation duration: 19 minutes


Bus patronage has declined consistently since 2012. coinciding with the emergence of Uber and MYKI.
Will the development of ‘Like Rail’ buses powered by renewables herald a transition back to buses?



State budget review

The State and Federal budgets were the topic of a panel discussion involving council transport analysists, rail experts and a transport reporter from a major news outlet.



MTF's February meeting heard two presentations from local planners who have looked at overseas examples of urban transport planning.


Better Buses in the West

Dr John Stone, Senior lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne spoke on Better Buses for Melbourne’s West at the MTF July meeting.