Pop-up progress

May 4, 2022 | Active Transport, Highlights, LinkedIn

People riding bikes through city

Four members of the DoT Active Transport Team discuss the learnings from the recent pop-up cycle lanes in Melbourne and suburbs.
It’s a fascinating look at the detail behind the program, including signage and wayfinding.
This presentation by Patrick Alewood, Dean Butler, Toby Robinson and Rachel Goldsworthy was made to the MTF meeting on 4 May.

The effort behind the signage and wayfinding is fascinating.



State budget review

The State and Federal budgets were the topic of a panel discussion involving council transport analysists, rail experts and a transport reporter from a major news outlet.



MTF's February meeting heard two presentations from local planners who have looked at overseas examples of urban transport planning.


Better Buses in the West

Dr John Stone, Senior lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne spoke on Better Buses for Melbourne’s West at the MTF July meeting.