Aug 5, 2020 | Active Transport, LinkedIn

People riding bikes through city

It was not a coincidence that the MTF August meeting heard two presentations on active transport. Not only is it one of our top three ABC issues, it’s also very COVID current.

MTF meeting 5 August 2020
Key note speakers:
Melisa Backhouse, Vic Health;
Ben Rossiter, Victoria Walks 

Both presentations highlighted the ‘opportunities’ that COVID changes present for local government. The data shows that people are walking and cycling more, creating opportunities to support and encourage this in the future.

But also, walking and cycling could be a powerful support for the local economy. Could a ‘walk to local’ message simultaneously help maintain active transport and support hard hit local businesses in your LGA?

Walk local, cycle local, buy local …..

The presentations

Melisa Backhouse from Vic Health looked at cycling and walking projects that’s Councils can get involved with. They are working closely with MAV, especially Geoff Oultan to reenergise walking and cycling, especially to school and other short trips.
View PowerPoint

Ben Rossiter from Victoria Walks presented on what he called the ‘invisible transport mode’ – walking. Most interesting was the increase in recreational walking during the COVID restrictions and data on the economic benefits of increased walking.
Dropbox link to Victoria Walks presentation by Ben Rossiter