Better Buses in the West

Jul 6, 2022 | Buses, Highlights, LinkedIn

People riding bikes through city
Dr John Stone, Senior lecturer in the Urban Planning Program at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne spoke on Better Buses for Melbourne’s West at the MTF July meeting

John provided the context for his work, noting that transport is a significant contributor to cost of living pressures; the current bus contract model is not appropriate to the complexities of running electric buses, and that this will require a shift in the way we operate buses.

Frequency is freedom

His work is based on recent changes which have been successfully implemented in Auckland, with the aim of creating a much more frequent service (the motto was “Frequency is Freedom”).  The Auckland project is delivering 5 x the increase in PT user growth compared to population growth.

John identified three stages for the successful campaign, noting that Auckland’s project took 10 years from idea to implementation.:

  • Gain popular support (a complex and sophisticated engagement campaign would be required)
  • Get a political mandate with clear commitments
  • Bed down the technology within transport agencies.

A recent project in Auckland is delivering 5 x the increase in PT user growth compared to population growth.



State budget review

The State and Federal budgets were the topic of a panel discussion involving council transport analysists, rail experts and a transport reporter from a major news outlet.



MTF's February meeting heard two presentations from local planners who have looked at overseas examples of urban transport planning.