THE Grattan Car Plan

Mar 3, 2022 | Choices, Highlights, LinkedIn

People riding bikes through city

The Grattan Car Plan was presented at the March meeting by Marion Terrill from the Grattan Institute.

The plan seeks to accelerate the arrival of zero and low-emissions vehicles. It notes that Australia is well placed to switch to electric vehicles, but also points to deficiencies in our current fuel standards continuing avoidable harms to health while we transition from petrol and diesel.
There are also some challenging predictions that the relative economy of electric vehicles may prompt an increase vehicle usage leading to increased congestion.

The Grattan Car Plan looks to speed up the transformation of our passenger and light vehicle fleets.

The Grattan Car Plan: practical policies for cleaner transport and better cities

Australians drive cars that are big and dirty
• Australians tend to prefer big cars, petrol vehicles, and high emitters
• Australia has few electric vehicles by international standards
• But sales are picking up fast
How to accelerate the arrival of zero- and low-emissions vehicles
• An emissions ceiling (standard) for light vehicles, ratcheting down to zero in 2035
• Would achieve a significant reduction in emissions, and save drivers money
Australia is well placed to switch to electric vehicles
• Home charging straightforward for most people
• The network of publicly accessible charging is growing fast
Cleaner petrol while we still need it
• Australia’s petrol is particularly dirty and harmful to health
• Dirty petrol limits the pollution-reducing vehicle technology available in Australia
But driving isn’t everything
• Cheap-to-run zero- and low-emissions vehicles means more driving
• COVID has pushed people out of public transport into their cars



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