State Budget transport wrap

Dec 2, 2020 | Highlights, LinkedIn

People riding bikes through city

Big budget marks the halfway point in the state political cycle

The MTF December meeting welcomed an enthusiastic group of new councillors with an overview by MTF Executive Officer Jane Waldock about the transport elements last week’s big spending State Budget.

The narrative of the budget was major projects that will create jobs and stimulate the state. Big rail projects were allocated nearly $3 billion, $1.4 billion for locally made accessible trams and $1.6 billion in roads.

A concern for many in the room was the lack of extra funding for buses and cycling infrastructure – with buses receiving only an additional $4.2 million plus $20 million to extend the trial of e-buses. Cycling projects are apparently proceeding on slow gear but there is new money to boost cycling and walking around schools.

 The meeting noted the importance of including active transport, bus improvements and support for transport choices in every new council’s 4-year plan. This is especially important because we are halfway through the State political cycle and are now counting down to the next state poll in 2022 and the two crucial budgets before then. 

State Budget Transport Review

A concern for many in the room was the lack of extra funding for buses and cycling infrastructure



State budget review

The State and Federal budgets were the topic of a panel discussion involving council transport analysists, rail experts and a transport reporter from a major news outlet.



MTF's February meeting heard two presentations from local planners who have looked at overseas examples of urban transport planning.


Better Buses in the West

Dr John Stone, Senior lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne spoke on Better Buses for Melbourne’s West at the MTF July meeting.