State Budget transport wrap

Dec 2, 2020 | Uncategorised

People riding bikes through city

Big budget marks the halfway point in the state political cycle

The MTF December meeting welcomed an enthusiastic group of new councillors with an overview by MTF Executive Officer Jane Waldock about the transport elements last week’s big spending State Budget.

The narrative of the budget was major projects that will create jobs and stimulate the state. Big rail projects were allocated nearly $3 billion, $1.4 billion for locally made accessible trams and $1.6 billion in roads.

A concern for many in the room was the lack of extra funding for buses and cycling infrastructure – with buses receiving only an additional $4.2 million plus $20 million to extend the trial of e-buses. Cycling projects are apparently proceeding on slow gear but there is new money to boost cycling and walking around schools.

 The meeting noted the importance of including active transport, bus improvements and support for transport choices in every new council’s 4-year plan. This is especially important because we are halfway through the State political cycle and are now counting down to the next state poll in 2022 and the two crucial budgets before then. 

State Budget Transport Review

A concern for many in the room was the lack of extra funding for buses and cycling infrastructure


# Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport: Master Development Plan consultation and 3rd Runway Project

Pop-up progress

Four members of the DoT Active Transport Team discuss the learnings from the recent pop-up cycle lanes in Melbourne and suburbs.

THE Grattan Car Plan

The Grattan Car Plan: practical policies for cleaner transport and better cities.
Presented by Marion Terrill, 2 March 2022.

Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together: Advancing Safe, Inclusive and Resilient Streets. A presentation by Melissa and Chris Bruntlett, noted Canadian / Dutch cycling ambassadors.

IV 30 Year Strategy and transport themes

Presentations by Peter Kartsidimas and Neil France from Infrastructure Victoria focused on the transport themes in their newly released 30-year Infrastructure Strategy.

Study finds massive interest in cycling

July's meeting featured two fascinating presentations on cycling in the city, including new research that shows more interest in bike riding than previously documented.

Build back better, together

Minister for Public Transport, Roads and Road Safety, Ben Carroll MP, was the guest presenter at the June MTF meeting.

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